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Ajit Jain – The god of big risks

Posted by g.e. on July 21, 2006

Was reading this art on IHT, and thought its time i start a blog to collect such writings.

This first post/ inscription is dedicated to Ajit Jain, the “guiding genius” of Berkshire Hathaway’s Insurance Group.

Notes Rob Urban on the IHT article:
Today, Jain, 54, speaks daily to Buffett, Berkshire’s 75-year-old chairman and chief executive, and the cash Jain has amassed – $1.7 billion a year on average since 1998 – has helped make him a leading candidate among investors to be Buffett’s successor.

Buffett’s admiration of Jain’s underwriting discipline places him on any list of potential successors, said David Winters, a money manager at Wintergreen Advisers. “He’s been an incredible asset to the Berkshire shareholders over the years,” said Winters, who has held Berkshire stock for his own account for more than a decade. “The guy’s got a very seriously capable insurance brain.


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