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Vinod Dham – The silicon captain

Posted by g.e. on July 21, 2006

Ever since the father of the Pentium chip left Intel, it was always in my mind that i should preiodically google (OK yahoo) for his name and find out what he is into these days.

The most recent search pulled out this art on the silicon captain from The Redherring which notes sveral interesting developments happening in this silicon space.

On InSilica, in which Dham’s new (path) venture has invested, it says:
Based on the increasingly popular “hybrid” model where the management and marketing team is based in the United States and the rest of the team in India, InSilica offers system-on-a-chip products. The fabless semiconductor company architects, designs, and gets chips manufactured for its customers.

On the general trend in the silicon space, it says:
While other fabless semiconductor companies such as Broadcom, ST Microelectronics, PMC-Sierra, Nvidia, and LSI Logic all have design centers in India, Mr. Baktha said InSilica is the only such company whose India center delivers the entire product.

“The cost to get a product out of India is still one-fourth that in the U.S.,” he said. “The disruption we have brought to the market is the India factor, bringing down costs substantially for our customers.”

India has been a destination for multinational semiconductor companies for years. Texas Instruments was the pioneer, setting up a center in Bangalore in 1985.

As TI moved more and more high-end work to the India center, others followed, including Intel, ATI, Infineon, Freescale, Analog Devices and more recently, Ikanos.

This year, Japanese semiconductor design firms such as Kawasaki Microelectronics (K-Micro) and SoCrates Software have set up chip design centers in India.

Homegrown companies like Ittiam and Sasken and a host of others design portions of chips for their clients across the globe, while InSilica is pioneering complete delivery.


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