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Other notable wallstreet wizards

Posted by g.e. on July 27, 2006

Other notable traders include:
Ashok Varadhan, as Head of Interest Rate Products with Goldman in the US is said to pocket an estimated $20-25mn a year. (Age: 28+).

Sushil Wadhwani, a former advisor to The Bank of England. Runs his own Wadhwani Asset Management Co (AUM: $2+bn, Age: 40+).

Ravinder Mehra of Vega Hedge Fund. Based in Madrid, he is said to be one of the best hedge fund trader ever. With an annual returns of 8-20%, he is listed along side Mr Anshu Jain of Deutsche in eFinancialNews‘s 100 Most Influential People in 2005. (AUM: $7+bn)

Viswas Raghavan, Head of Capital Markets at JPMorgan Chase for Europe and APAC. He is listed as Convertible Bond king in eFinancialNews‘s 2006 list.

Raj Rajaratnam of The Galleon Group. The Sri Lanka born fund manager is listed as one of the elite US money managers in a book called “The New Investment Superstars: 13 Great Investors and Their Strategies for Superior Returns” by Lois Peltz. (AUM: $5+bn).

Rajeev Misra, Head of Credit Trading in Deutsche. Risk notes him as having led the effort to make credit derivatives an integral part of Deutsche’s business.


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