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Simon Singh, The Science Author

Posted by g.e. on August 4, 2006

As the author of the first ever book on mathematics to become the No 1 bestseller in the UK, Dr Simon Singh doesn’t need any special mention.

Some snippets from an article by Apoorva Mandavilli (A news editor with Nature Medicine since 2003):
Singh was born and raised in a small English community in the middle of England. His family, farmers from India, moved there before he was born, and always emphasised the importance of education. They were proud when he earned his PhD from the University of Cambridge, Singh recalls, but were a little surprised when he moved into television and became a director and producer.

Now that he is a best-selling author, he appears on the other side of the camera and his parents continue to follow his career. “They liked it when I was on BBC Breakfast News (the equivalent of Good Morning America),” Singh says. “And as their child, of course, their approval means a lot to me.” (Hmm, How typical!)

“My parents did try to engender us with an Indian identity,” explains Singh while acknowledging that although he understands Punjabi, he speaks the language poorly. His brothers Tom and George (Singh jokes that all three sons were named for nursery rhymes), and his sister Christine are all married and their children, he says, have almost no emotional connection with India. Singh hopes that when he has children, he will at least be able to give them the choice of being more tied to India.


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