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Japan shows interest in rebuilding Nalanda University

Posted by g.e. on October 7, 2006

New Tang Dynsaty Television reports:
Japan has decided to take a hand in helping rebuild one of the most ancient universities in the world, the Indian university was standing at the time of Buddha Sakyamuni, 2,000 years ago. The university is expected to not only revive an ancient symbol for education but also help to enhance the eastern state of India where the university is.

Local reports said Japanese experts have already made the blue print for the proposed international university. The state government has already allocated 450 acres of land for the development of the university.

Kumar added that the proposed university would greatly enhance the state’s reputation.

The Nalanda University is of a different league. It used to be an international university when most Europeans were still living in jungles. It has its own glorious history. If we can establish an international university in the vicinity, it would be a worthwhile achievement.

The ancient university was ransacked by Muslim invader Bakhthiyar Khalji in 1193, a milestone in the decline of Buddhism in India. The University, which lasted for over 1700 years, in its zenith housed over 10,000 scholars from over 19 countries. But despite its rich legacy, Bihar sits at the bottom rung of development, with abysmally low level of literacy and high crime rate.

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