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Kenichi on China model

Posted by g.e. on October 7, 2006

Some interesting perspectives from Kenichi Ohmae‘s recent talk in India.

Snippets from DNA India follows:
…in his address to the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday, Ohmae said that Chinese capitalism is one of the most decentralised in the world.

This is how it works. The mayor of the city is held accountable for state-owned industries within his area and has to ensure that the city keeps growing at more than 7% every year. If the mayor misses this parameter two years in a row, Beijing intervenes and the mayor is fired.

.. he felt that decentralisation in India, to the level of the gram panchayat, was not working to India’s advantage, at least as far as attracting investment from abroad was concerned. To take care of this, India as a country needs a strategy, he felt.

… This is where India could gain, because the working population in the 15-34 age group will surpass that of China by 2014.


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