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The World on Tata

Posted by g.e. on October 7, 2006

Curiously the media reaction has been very positive on Tata‘s bid fo Corus. I shudder to think what the western media would have said of a similar deal for Corus by, say, Baosteel!

BW on the deal’s arithmetic:
Corus is the world’s ninth-largest steel producer by 2005 output and Tata is in 56th place, according to figures from the International Iron and Steel Institute.

A combined Tata-Corus entity would have an annual steel production of 25 million tons, making it the world’s fifth or sixth largest steel producer, according to a recent JPMorgan Chase & Co. report.

Last year, the company bought the 2 million-ton-a-year steelmaking operations of Singapore’s NatSteel Ltd. and another 40 percent stake in Thailand’s Millennium Steel PCL.

Outside of steel, the Tata hunt has bagged other quarry such as Britain’s Tetley Tea, U.S. telecom network operator Tyco Global, Daewoo Commercial Vehicles, and Boston’s Ritz Carlton hotel.


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