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On cycle rickshaws

Posted by g.e. on January 3, 2008

Just when India is trying to phase-out rickshaws, the world is beginning to adopt them. See here.

Cycle rickshaws may not conform to the Delhi police’s view of what makes a modern city, but many capitals of more developed countries are beginning to see them as part of the solution to environmental problems. They can now be seen in London, Oxford, Paris, Singapore –even New York City, where they are called pedicabs. And London’s considering a system of licensing for cycle rickshaws.   

And the communists get it wrong again:

It’s not the first time an Indian city has tried to get rid of rickshaws. Calcutta tried recently to ban the hand-pulled variety, the city’s communist authorities arguing these leftovers from the days of the British Raj are inhumane. But the rickshaw pullers don’t see it that way and so far they’re refusing to give way.   


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