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Shan Appajodu finds his Mojo

Posted by g.e. on September 30, 2006

It was interesting to see the media attention around MojoPac – the PC Virtualization product from RingCube founded by Shan Appajodu – after NEA got interested in it.

With cities being carpetted with WiMax and with Google’s rumoured GDrive on the horizon, i think it will take a killer application to make it a hit product. I mean why do we need to carry it around if we can pull it off the net again. Anyways, anything is fine as long as Shan doesn’t do a Stevie and claims Mojo as his.

Not sure if anyone missed the media buzz around this interesting product from the desi staple. Incase you had, find here VenturBeat’s scoop on this.


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